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About Us

MMC Medical International Services was founded in 1992 to establish a foundation of over 30 years of passion and experience in both interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery to enable novel technologies to conduct early stage studies globally. Laura Minarsch, founder, began her career in interventional cardiology in the early transition from diagnostic cardiology to percutaneous treatment.

Today with Clinical Trial operational teams spanning 4 continents, MMC continues to build upon its abilities while collaborating at various developmental levels with device startups and novel innovation incubators to evaluate and strategize a clinical pathway to power from the pre-clinical phase on through to the First-In-Human (FIH) clinical trials.

MMC can provide services in all phases - from single-center feasibility trials to large multi-center, randomized controlled trials. Extensive experience with Regulatory consulting, planning and submission support for pre-IDE, IDE and PMA to CE marking applications - MMC offers the expertise necessary to propel from small early phase trials to eventual acquisition and/or adoption into the medical community.

MMC is dedicated to help ensure consistent and reliable management and execution across all studies.

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